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SafeSpace is happy to hear from people who would like to volunteer with us. Volunteers will need to pass an enhanced DBS (formerly CRB) check and will need to be able to commit to regular times during evenings or weekends. Our volunteering policy is available here.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact our Charity Manager via the contact us page.

Donate Now

SafeSpace is funded through rent and service charge payments, and through our contract with Supporting People, however this funding doesn’t cover everything we would like to provide to our young people. Often young people come to SafeSpace with very few possessions and they can also be isolated from family at key times of the year such as birthdays or Christmas. So by donating to SafeSpace you will help us provide our young people with:

  • Welcome packs (basic toiletries, small food parcels)
  • Cooking activities
  • Support to access training and education
  • Arts and craft activities
  • Seasonal activities and trips such as Christmas presents and Eid celebrations
  • Move on packs (things such as towels, bedding, crockery, kitchen equipment)

We welcome donations of cash, clothes, food and small household goods such as crockery, books and kitchen equipment. You can donate online on our Charity JustGiving page.

To get in touch to discuss donating or fundraising for SafeSpace please contact the Marketing and Fundraising Manager Danielle Moores on 07542681351 or email her directly.