The Homelessness Awareness and Prevention Interventions (hapi)

Our team are the first point of call for all the 14-25 year olds in Burnley and Pendle who are homeless or who are at risk of homelessness.

They can:

  • answer questions relating to homelessness and housing issues
  • provide independent advice and guidance around housing and homelessness
  • advise on all the different options available to you
  • explain what you are entitled to and what your rights are.
  • provide support with housing and referrals to projects both within and outside of Pendle.
  • liaise with landlords to help you secure accommodation and/or help prevent your eviction.
  • provide unofficial mediation and support you to contact family or friends and build positive relationships.
  • refer you to other agencies such as counselling, drug and alcohol.
  • support you with applying for benefits and with budgeting money
  • provide help if you have a concern about your own safety or the safety of others
  • provide you with in depth support either over the telephone or face to face.
  • provide support for as long as you need it (continuing past your 18th birthday if needed)


The Hapi team are available to talk to or visit at Hills House (behind The Zone Youth Centre), Leeds Road, Nelson, BB9 8EL at drop in times which are:

Tuesday 1:15pm – 4:45pm and Friday 2:00pm – 6:00pm

Or if you can’t make a drop in session, please come in or give us a ring on 01282 619192 to make an appointment. We will respond to all telephone calls within 24 hours and if you are struggling to get to Hills House, we may be able to come to visit you!